Documentation Without Cumbersome Keyword Triggers

Today’s technology solutions seem to want your attention. From dictation programs that take you away from your patients to repeat commands over and over, to more recent digital assistants that require endless keyword triggers – “hey Device, document this…” – you just can’t seem to get away from the ‘technology barrier.’ 

At SoundLines, we believe the best technology works seamlessly in the background, with little effort on your part. Rather than talking to your device, you should spend more time talking with your patients.

Speke, our digital documentation assistant, is a sophisticated yet simple-to-use application, available on your mobile phone. In just a matter of seconds, and at the touch of a button, Speke works seamlessly in the background while you enjoy a normal, meaningful conversation with your patients. 

Less hassle and more time with your patients? That’s technology that Spekes your language.


"Prior to using Speke, I was never able to immediately complete my notes into our EMR. I found the EMR dictation system to be very frustrating as there were frequent transcriptions errors that needed to be corrected. It was a slow, cumbersome process. 

"Speke has remedied all of these problems. It is a wonderful feeling to walk out of the office in the afternoon knowing that all of my notes are done, and I won’t be spending my evening dictating."

– Fred H. Williams, M.D., Gastroenterology