May 20, 2021

HealthChannelsTV: Episode 6

HealthChannelsTV: Lessons from the Boeing 737 Max, with Dr. Erich Huang, Duke Forge


In our latest HealthChannelsTV episode, SoundLines’ president Fridrik Larusson interviews Dr. Erich Huang, Chief Data Officer for Quality at Duke University Health System and director of Duke Forge and Duke Crucible. The two discuss a recent blog article written by Dr. Huang that examines the Boeing 737 Max development, and healthcare leaders can draw parallels as they consider the role of automation in healthcare. The two go on to discuss how they see AI impacting the healthcare industry in the coming years, and how technology will can give patients greater agency over their healthcare information.

Read Dr. Huang’s article on the Duke Forge blog: Hard Lessons – What the World of Health AI Can Learn from Aviation.