Introducing SoundLines

The promising future of artificial intelligence is here today. SoundLines connects intuitive AI technology with clinical expertise. Data is harnessed to provide actionable information that helps you improve efficiencies while delivering more personalized care.

We make it easy for care teams and revenue cycle teams to harness the power of AI without timely implementations.

Today, important data is stored in inaccessible systems that make it difficult for healthcare teams to find the right information and put it to use. SoundLines merges and refines data from a variety of sources to create actionable insights for care team navigation and revenue cycle management.

The SoundLines platform incorporates an innovative mix of audio signal processing, speaker segmentation, automatic speech recognition, and natural language processing specifically designed for conversational audio.
With SoundLines, splitting time between time-consuming administrative work and delivering patient care is a thing of the past. Intuitive AI helps your team use data to make more meaningful connections with your patients.


Soundlines brings together leading healthcare and technology experts to offer an AI solution unlike any other. As part of the HealthChannels family, SoundLines’ AI platform combines over 15 years expertise from the industry leader in workforce optimization and documentation support with cutting edge research from one of the world's leading research institutions to create a secure, massively scalable platform designed by industry veterans from leading cloud computing companies.
Care Team Optimization: SoundLines informs care team navigation by providing timely, actionable information to Care Team Assistants.
Make the Most of Your Data: The SoundLines platform allows you to use a growing suite of AI-powered HealthChannels services that improve as you use them.
Seamlessly Integrated RCM Tools: Pushing real-time data to Computer Assisted Coding shortens the billing cycle and leads to fewer rejections and an optimized medical record.
HIPAA Compliant and Secure: We protect the patient data and ensure HIPAA compliance.

The SoundLines Difference

We’ve designed an AI solution flexible enough to meet your unique practice needs.

  • Our Speke AI-empowered documentation assistant can be used on your smartphone or on an in-room device.
  • The technology can integrate directly within your EHR.
  • Streamlined and fast onboarding.

For nearly two decades, our team of experts has deployed critical practice management solutions.

  • The SoundLines platform is part of the HealthChannels family, which means you have over 15 years of U.S.-based medical scribe experience in your corner.
  • Our regional presence and national infrastructure mean you have dedicated support for your SoundLines program.

AI can do more for your practice than reduce the documentation burden.

  • Deliver high-quality medical care and gain insights from data analytics.
  • As part of the HealthChannels family, you have access to a full suite of powerful practice optimization tools.
Care Navigators
As healthcare business models evolve, so should care teams.

Patients who are paired with Care Navigators report feeling less anxiety, and an increased ability to self-manage their conditions between visits. And providers report increased job satisfaction from improved efficiency, and knowing their patients have access to care teams, and strategic support.

Referral Management
Referrals scheduled by navigators in the clinical setting builds long term, patient care integrity across the care continuum. With the authority, along with the provider to search for specialists in network, navigators assess their schedules, and ensure appointment compliance.

Computer Assisted Coding
Imagine an environment where front-line physician staff are connected with cloud-based back-office coding apps, where time with patients expands rather than shrinks, where your operational tasks are managed by one company you can trust. Our Computer Assisted Coding Solution lowers costs, increases revenue and improves the efficiency of your department.

Nurse Care Team Assistants
While nurses comprise the largest healthcare workforce, many suffer in silence from burnout and decreased job satisfaction. Our Nurse CTAs combat burnout with strategic support. From documenting patient encounters to monitoring vital signs, CTAs ensure nurses work top-of-license. CTAs close critical gaps in the care continuum and provide nurses with the added bandwidth to focus on critical care.

Revenue Cycle Management
Transition Revenue Cycle Management into the modern age with a suite of software tools that will transform your billing and coding processes. Transact at lightning speed, with increased transparency and decreased siloes. The QueueLogix software application seamlessly integrates with existing EMRs to ensure the clinical activities and back-office operations are well aligned, monitored and successful.