Emergency Medicine

Today’s Emergency Departments face increasing struggles. Burnout is at an all time high, and costs continue to rise. SoundLines has introduced the industry’s only true mobile, digital scribe designed for the ED – Speke EM. With Speke EM, providers can work top of license with a scribe-supported documentation tool at an affordable price.

  • Speke EM is a digital documentation assistant on mobile phones so providers can document on the go, without forced keywords or structure – just talk as you normally would if you had a scribe in the room with you
  • Speke EM can scale across the care team, meaning costs can be cut down by 30-50%
  • Unlike dictation services, providers are not tethered to a computer while missing time with patients
  • Speke EM is a hassle-free, digital solution; providers can enjoy natural conversations with their patients without having to say any trigger or keywords like “hey device…”
  • After the visit, providers can add additional notes, if needed, and then the encounter is transferred to the scribe who seamlessly documents the encounter in the EMR
  • Scribes support documentation on the back-end so you can trust your note is accurate and complete
  • Speke EM includes feedback alerts so scribes can alert the provider when additional information is needed to complete the documentation, or alerts when key labs are back
  • With PPE and safety measures a top concern, Emergency Departments can enjoy the support of a scribe without adding another person on the floor

From the SoundLines Blog

Spring 2020 – the Central Park Field Hospital was created in response to the growing cases of COVID-19 in New York City. In a matter of days, Speke was prepped and deployed to support the frontline providers in the field hospital and auxiliary units. Speke's nimble platform was able to evolve to meet the different documentation needs of the field units. 

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