Inpatient Medicine

When every second counts, documentation should be the last thing on your care team’s minds. We have developed agile solutions that help inpatient teams deliver more efficient care. 

  • SoundLines offers fully digital and hybrid digital/in-person solutions to help support inpatient documentation
  • Providers round on patients as usual, but use Speke to capture normal patient conversations (or they can dictate after the encounter, if preferred)
  • Speke’s truly ambient “conversational” model allows providers to round as normal, enjoying normal conversations with patients, while Speke captures all pertinent information
  • In a recent study, Speke helped increase an ICU rounding team’s surge capacity from 16 to 21 patients and eliminated 2.5 hours per day of post-shift documentation
  • Additionally, post-acute care providers using Speke reported being able to comfortably see an additional 2-4 patient encounters per shift

“Greatest invention ever after sliced bread.”

– Dr. Yegneswaran, Critical Care Medicine