Outpatient Practices

Speke is built with flexibility in mind. Our digital documentation assistant seamlessly works within your workflow to provide hassle-free documentation support. Unlike other digital assistants, Speke is fully customizable and can be tailored to meet the unique needs of over 80 sub-specialties. Here are just some of the ways that Speke is specially designed for you:

  • Speke supports over 80 sub-specialties, backed by specialty-specific trained medical scribes
  • Our team has extensive experience integrating with over 100 EMRs
  • The personalized implementation process identifies your unique workflow preferences
  • The nimble platform is ideal for both large clinics or small practices with variable hours – and everything in between
  • Can be tailored to many unique situations, such as patients with a secondary language
  • Flexible pricing models are available so you can find the right solution that fits within your budget
  • The program identifies and recommends best practices to meet your goals, whether reducing provider burnout, reducing overtime hours, improving productivity, and more

"Speke is a game-changer; it saves me several hours a day. Speke will extend the life of my practice." 

– Dr. Williams, Gastroenterology