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Have you ever gotten the sense that technology developers have never used their own tech? It seems like a no-brainer. But how often do we find ourselves saying, “why did they put the back button there?” or “Shouldn’t the light switch be here?”

As the next era of healthcare technology is here, it’s more important than ever for our tech to be intuitive, seamless and, quite simply, helpful. This is especially true in an industry like healthcare.

SoundLines is guided by the principle that technology should augment the delivery of care and not create an additional barrier between the provider and patient. Backed by the HealthChannels family of solutions, SoundLines delivers the power of actionable intelligence to your workforce. Practices are prepared for today and the inevitable changes of tomorrow.
TeleHealth from HealthChannels
As part of the HealthChannels family, our TeleHealth programs offer a variety of real-time and asynchronous virtual solutions that meet the unique needs of care teams. From real-time TeleScribes from ScribeAmerica, to our AI-empowered documentation assistant Speke, we deliver solutions that help providers deliver more personalized patient care.   Our TeleHealth teams have completed over a million patient charts for improved accuracy and reimbursement. We work closely with providers to understand challenges, and develop impactful solutions. With a constant influx of new E & M codes and regulations, our TeleHealth services curtail the clerical duties threatening provider satisfaction and patient health outcomes.
Remote Solutions
Remote Solutions
Experience our innovative virtual programs for real-time documentation support. Reduce timely note taking and focus on patient care with a medical scribe, connected via video or audio from your mobile phone or tablet. ScribeAmerica’s remote scribes complete documentation, update notes, reduce errors and improve coding quality for accurate reimbursement. Though not in the room, your medical scribe will play a fundamental role in the delivery of better care, and returning the joy to the practice of medicine.
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AI-Driven Solutions
AI-Driven Solutions
With the increasing demand for artificial intelligence in healthcare, SoundLines has heeded the call and developed a solution that returns you back to the bedside while improving patient experience and health outcomes. Where dictation software requires you to document the patient encounter after the visit, Speke seamlessly works in the background while you carry on a natural conversation with your patients. The encounter is then input by medical scribes – also known as Care Team Assistants – to ensure robust, accurate documentation and reimbursement. The power of AI is in your hands with Speke.
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Why SoundLines? Let Us Tell You

SoundLines will transform your practice with innovative AI technology and insights from the HealthChannels team of experts. Connect with us to learn more.
Care Navigators
As healthcare business models evolve, so should care teams.

Patients who are paired with Care Navigators report feeling less anxiety, and an increased ability to self-manage their conditions between visits. And providers report increased job satisfaction from improved efficiency, and knowing their patients have access to care teams, and strategic support.

Referral Management
Referrals scheduled by navigators in the clinical setting builds long term, patient care integrity across the care continuum. With the authority, along with the provider to search for specialists in network, navigators assess their schedules, and ensure appointment compliance.

Computer Assisted Coding
Imagine an environment where front-line physician staff are connected with cloud-based back-office coding apps, where time with patients expands rather than shrinks, where your operational tasks are managed by one company you can trust. Our Computer Assisted Coding Solution lowers costs, increases revenue and improves the efficiency of your department.

Nurse Care Team Assistants
While nurses comprise the largest healthcare workforce, many suffer in silence from burnout and decreased job satisfaction. Our Nurse CTAs combat burnout with strategic support. From documenting patient encounters to monitoring vital signs, CTAs ensure nurses work top-of-license. CTAs close critical gaps in the care continuum and provide nurses with the added bandwidth to focus on critical care.

Revenue Cycle Management
Transition Revenue Cycle Management into the modern age with a suite of software tools that will transform your billing and coding processes. Transact at lightning speed, with increased transparency and decreased siloes. The QueueLogix software application seamlessly integrates with existing EMRs to ensure the clinical activities and back-office operations are well aligned, monitored and successful.