Speke, the first true ambient documentation assistant.

Integrating ambient technology so providers can practice medicine and focus on the patient again. Anywhere, with anyone.


No clunky keywords. Accurate documentation in less time.

Eliminate time spent on documentation, while enjoying natural, meaningful conversations with your patients – without the hassle of keyword commands.


Outpatient, inpatient – any specialty with your style. We can do it.

Unlike other one-size-fits-all solutions, Speke works for your specialty and workflow. Speke can adapt to over 80 specialties.

Human Interaction, Machine Learning. That’s Speke.
Speke teams medical scribes with AI to create a reliable documentation assistant that lets you spend more time with your patients, not a computer. With scribes “in the loop,” your notes are completed accurately, efficiently and on time.
User-Friendly Technology
It’s “Stupid Easy”
Sometimes our users say it best. Unlike other AI documentation assistants that require prompts to initiate recording, Speke recognizes natural language and is easily accessed from an app on your smart phone. With the touch of a button you can carry on a conversation and Speke does the rest. Speke gives you maximum flexibility with minimum disruption.

Reliable & Customized
Your Work in Your Style
Our established expertise in provider workflows is central to the development of Speke technology. Not only are our scribes on the back-end to ensure accurate documentation, but our team works with you from the beginning to tailor your program to your individual preferences. Your work in your style.
EHR Integration
We've Seen & Done it All
It doesn’t matter what EHR you have, we make it work for you. Not only do we know technology, we know a thing or two about EHRs, too. Thanks to nearly two decades working with countless EHRs, Speke works across Electronic Health Records to provide a comprehensive, secure, and HIPAA-compliant digital assistant for daily usage. Our dedicated team ensures all notes processed through Speke are completed in your EHR.

Experience the SoundLines Difference
Experience the SoundLines Difference
Speak with our Client Solutions Team today to discover how SoundLines can help you increase efficiency and improve the delivery of care.

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